Okay, so if you aren’t a Lakers fan, you are probably laughing at Lakers fans right now because the team is seriously stinking up the joints.

I can not believe that they were smacked around again! This time at home! And again from the Spurs?! Jesus, this team is just playing horribly.

I am not sure if Andrew Bynum can even help if he was healthy. They are playing as if Kobe needs to score 50+ to win games. He and Pau Gasol are the only players that are playing basketball right now.

Everybody else is probably too tired from watching porn all day.

I mean what is wrong with the squad these days? Shannon Brown is not even producing. Ron Ron is more like Non Non out there. Shannon Brown is there for one thing – scoring. Putting up points and Ron is on defense.

So far I haven’t seen any of that as of late and things are only going to get worse if they continue to play like this.

1st Round Exit for sure if they keep this up. Because apparently, the Thunder has the Lakers number and Kevin Durant is balling like MJ.