memo to the San Antonio Spurs –

when you have a chance of of making the new jersey nets of one of the worst teams in NBA history, you do it. you win the ball game, you make history or rather, you win so you don’t have to be the ones that blew it.

now the Spurs are known for the ones that blew it. good job Spurs! i’m SO proud of the effort you gave to the worst team in the NBA in the 09-10 season.

so the Lakers blew it again. i guess they just do not want to show any effort in games. if i was phil, i would break out the baseball bat so i can 2 hit ALL the players on the Lakers team.

one of the worst efforts i’ve seen in a very long time. and i think i speak for the majority of the Laker fans out there when i say this –

they need to step their game up!