in the sport of golf – today… or actually yesterday, michelle wie is again at it again, with another stupid penalty. a penalty that costed her 90k.

the article here explains it pretty well, with video.

(from yahoo sports)

and while i think that the official rule is really stupid and uncalled for, this is in fact a rule, something that players should be aware about.

by simply doing what she did, it costed her 90k and 2 strokes. while she wasn’t leading, what if she was? the fact of the matter is that with michelle’s stupidity, it could one day cost her big time, such as major championships.

again, a stupid rule, but a rule is a rule. no matter how you look at it, you got to follow the rules within the sport. if you can’t, don’t complain.

and the fact that she was whiny about the whole thing was not cool and a bit unprofessional.

when i meant ‘a bit’, i meant a LOT. should have known the rules, girl!