so in another attempt for total world domination, apple is going to release the iPad. i believe it comes on sale on april 3rd.

my take?

i really big iPhone.

cons? 3G versions need a data plan. so that’s another 30 bucks (for unlimited data usage) on top of the 20 bucks or whatever it is that costs you for unlimited usage of data for your iPhone. and ATT is the ONLY carrier that supports the plan, for now.

while the iPad does have Safari, you do not have Flash capabilities.


i’m not sure if there is any. because if you have an iPhone, you get to do virtually everything that the iPad does. but with an iPhone, you get to make calls.

i still think this piece of hardware is going to sell. why? because the persona these days are that ‘if you don’t own an i_(insert apple product), you are either inferior or your piece of device is inferior, thus not ‘cool’ ‘

iFail if you ask me.