okay, so after working with the web designers for about 2 months, i have come to the conclusion that they are worthless and useless.

everything we need for them to do is countered with ”we can’t do it” or ”we THINK we can do it but first, show us the green backs”

seriously? you guys are web designers, DESIGNERS! yet they seem to have problems *designing a logo and not being able to re-design a simple layout.

they are a waste of my company’s time. they have wasted 2 months of work. i’ve been providing them with countless information regarding our products only to get stiffed and being told to create and upload the products myself. when we signed the contract, they had stated that they would be able to create products for us as long as we provide them with product information. which is what i did. perhaps they didn’t know that the golf industry has about 8000+ products? bunch of lazy ass bitches if you asked me.

i’m not going to name this company only until we are through with them. hopefully we are finish with the web site quick so i can name drop and bomb these unprofessional bitches into oblivion with complaints that i will be filing to the BBB and FTC.