so here is another take on the situation with FF13. i have seen MAYBE people bitch about the game (myself included) about how a lot of things were missing. in case you don’t know, there are no towns, but side quests, and basically nothing to do but go through tunnels and tunnels of enemies. i’ll give the battle sequence it’s due because it’s pretty nice.

my conclusion will have to wait before i explain a few details about what’s going on.

number 1, the game is linear. the first 30 hours of the game is practically nothing but fight after fight after right. the story progresses through by getting from point A to point B of the dungeon with 1-2 cut scenes in between for story telling. and this is basically the whole game. you want to talk to people? no, you don’t. people auto talk, meaning when you walk by them, they say something. never do you really talk to other people other than your own party. there isn’t much to do in the game other than beat it. if you want the trophies/achievements, you will spend some time farming to level up your characters to the max and obtaining omega weapons. while obtaining the omega weapons SOUNDS like side quests, it’s not. weapons can be upgraded and the highest level is 100, and but using special ores and components, you get an omega weapon at the end. you beat enemies, they drop components and exp for you to level up. the only real side quest is the missions. there are 64 missions total, and to get trophies, you have to beat all 64 missions (aka beating down monsters) and getting 5 star ratings for all the battles. time consuming? yes. side quest? kinda, i guess. basically the story, level system, and battle are what has depth in the game, everything else doesn’t really have depth at all. no new game plus.

(what a long ass number 1)

number 2, no towns and no NPCs to talk to. you are bound the the place where you are at. no travel is really needed. or i should say, traveling is basically restricted to from point A to point B. literally boring. if for some reason there was a point C, the game would probably brick.

number 3, the graphics. the game as a whole is nice to look at. appealing, but not drop dead gorgeous like previous FF games. to me, this doesn’t cut it. i’ve been spoiled by exclusive titles as the Uncharted Series, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and now God of War 3. and let me just say that the graphics for FF13, while decent, is weak compared to the games mentioned. i’m talking about real-time rendered graphics, not the CGI graphics. SE delivered that part very nicely and left me wanted for more. this game took 4 years to develop and it doesn’t even compare to God of War 3.

number 4, 360 version needed 3 discs to fit the entire game. PS3 gamers needed one blu ray to insert.

so there it is, my conclusion –

the creators of the game defended the game by saying that improvements to the game had to be made so that it ran smoothly on both systems.

what they meant to say was “XBOX 360 can’t handle it”. it’s pure and simple as that. i mean, if it was able to handle it, why does it look worse? why on 3 discs? while PS3 games cry, here is my take on this whole thing – don’t cry because you probably got the better system. the 360 flat out can’t handle the game. it was dumb down for the 360. 3 discs? i mean 3 discs? the last time a FF game had multiple discs was on the PS1 with Final Fantasy 9. after the PS2, nothing was more than 1 discs. so now you are telling me that the 360 can’t fit the entire on 1 disc? well, that actually makes sense. PS3 uses better technology. check the facts – which systems uses the better format for games? 25gigs of space for a single layer blu ray or 9 gigs of space for a dual layered dvd? it’s a numbers game after all, so do the math!

lost planet 2 has been announced and the creators of the game have stated that they had to cut down the content for the game to fit it on one disc for the 360. asked what about the extra contents, they simply replied that it could be offered as downloadable content. so PS3 gamers need to suffer and pay more for the content because of the 360? well, it is a numbers game and the 360 has sold more than the PS3. it’s no wonder why developers make exceptions for the 360. it’s a numbers game after all.

people have to start looking at the bright side of things. and while FF13 is a decent game, it does show which console is capable of doing more.