okay, so here is the recap so far with the new website development –

we wanted to have an easier selection process for customers. we wanted to limited the number of items and by doing so, we grouped products by brand name and specs and with the customers selecting different specs, different prices and other selections are available. simple to write about it. hard to probably imagine what the hell i’m talking about, right? so just imagine it like this, 2 different colors – blue and green, with blue you get to select yellow to go with it, with green you get to select white to go with it. kinda like that, different specs gives you different available options to select.

the web site designers are telling me that this is a *custom* option and that it will take 15 hours to get it ready, set up, with testing, etc. and the total price is going to be a cool $750.00. i’m starting to get the drift that they have no idea how to make a web site. and i don’t believe this was a customized option. i mean, i figured out how to do it. it took me 35 minutes to learn how to add new items with a more complex selectable options. and they need 15 hours? either that they stupid or they trying to milk us for our money.

leads me to wonder if they are only providing us with a template design and simple functions of an e-commerce website.

i’m not going to name any names here, simply because i haven’t seen the final product. but if things continue on like this shit right here?

i don’t even want to think what i’m going to have to do to make everything right…