i have no idea what the deal was. i turned on the mac and i wanted to surf the net for the tips and read up on the win with the lakers game and safari just bricked. maybe i didn’t give it enough time or whatever but it bricked. my whole mac was down!

i couldn’t do a thing. restarted the mac and opened up safari, went to yahoo.com, mac froze. and i restarted the process like 5 times.

it was really weird because i thought i had a virus. why? because firefox worked just fine!!! i think i was like this close to melting down and calling for the reformat and re-install of mac os x.

but to my surprise i let safari run, and in about 10 minutes, the whole thing worked again. i reset safari just in case. and now it’s working like a charm again.

i mean, seriously, what the heck?!

close freakin’ call.