so work was work. it was a monday after all. i actually wanted to work! can you believe that? it was tough, i stayed up late playing FF13 (i’m a nerd/geek, i know). i think i fell asleep at 5am and i had to wake up at 8am. so yeah it was pretty horrible for the first 30 minutes but after i hit the showers and got ready, suprisingly, i was good to go.

meeting with the web design people went pretty well. my manager approved of the direction in which we are headed and that’s great. more work now as we need logos, SKUs and prices. hmm i thought they would have told me that when i started gathering all the information for them, guess not.

lots of products, lots of pictures. deadline is by the end of this week. hopefully i finish this bitch up by wednesday. because i don’t want to work the whole week on the website as i want to concentrate on SEOs and amoung other things, such as selling so we make our dough and i get paid at the end of the month.

all in all, a good monday, even know it was a monday.