so at GDC this year, SONY has revealed its answer to the Nintendo Wii – the Playstation Move aka PS Move.  from the picture below you can tell and recognize that it’s basically a Wii controller with some Playstation buttons.  i’m not so sure about the balls at the end of the stick but i guess whatever works?

Playstation Move aka PS Move
Playstation Move aka PS Move

anyhow, almost every 3rd party developer is already developing games for the PS Move.  and yes, it is intended for the casual gamers and perhaps it will get a few games for the (hard)core gamers out there.

as for me?  i’m not excited about it.  although i do like the fact that SONY is expanding their name and image to the casual gamers.  i have the Wii and that hasn’t done a thing for me since Mario and Metroid.  Zelda was shit and will continue to be shit as far as i’m concerned.  (bring it you crazy Nintendo fan bitches)

what’s your next *Move, Nintendo?

oh and Socom 4 is announced.  big yay!  – as in i don’t care about SOCOM series, but okay.