okay, so when i pre-ordered Heavy Rain from Gamestop, i got a free code to redeem the DLC for Heavy Rain. the DLC is called the Taxidermist.

i do not want to give out the story of this DLC, but the premise is that you take control of the character Madison Paige and you investigate into a crime.

one of the biggest downers of the DLC is that the voice actor for Madison Paige is different from the game. isn’t that weird?

the other downer is that the DLC is not very long. there is 5 different endings to the DLC but they can all be obtained within a short period of time. i believe i got all 5 from playing less than 1 hour. and from a DLC that cost 4.99 retail, that kind of blows.

personally, if i had to pay for the DLC, i would be so disappointed right now. the story is very short, voice actor clearly isn’t the same as the original game and the experience is too short.

what i did get out of it was that it was pretty creepy and that even though it was short, it was a thrill to play it. i just wished that it was a bit longer, say 2-3 hours at least? you don’t do much in the DLC and that to me was disappointing.

i think if you are reading this and you haven’t decided wether or not you want to download the content, you have to ask yourself how much you like this game. if you are a huge fan of the game already, i suggest you get it and experience the short-lived thrill ride. otherwise, you may be very well disappointed with the end result.