okay, so enough of all the talk about the PS3 problems. 

more important things are at hand right now. 

i’m talking Lakers.  ever since i was little, the Lakers were my team.  and today, they finally showed the Nuggets that they mean business.  it was a hard fought win tonight.  but i gotta give the game ball to Artest.  he did his best to contain Melo and it worked.  getting him ejected in the 4th quarter was, i think, key to the Lakers W tonight.  overall, i thought the Lakers didn’t play great, not great at all.  there were stretches where they had good plays and then there was the not so great moments.  but then again, Kobe was missing jumpers and just couldn’t throw a rock into the sea today.

what about the refs?  i mean, the Nuggets went to the line tonight, what about my Lakers?  it was a very physical game and my Lakers were getting hacked all the time while taking it to the hole. 

i’m just glad that the Lakers pulled out a Win tonight and it was great to see that.

here are some highlights for you.