okay, my fellow PS3 gamers…

i’m not sure if it’s a bad thing BUT, people have been stating that this is caused by some calendar error. this effects almost all of the old PS3 fatties aka the 40, 60, 80 gig PS3s, or aka, the ones before the slim.

the OFFICIAL PSN twitter has stated that the slim gamers have not been affected by this disease.

many people have stated that this issue can be fixed. they have been stating that it’s a ‘leap year’ issue which basically causes the calendar error for the system.

i say it’s BS. but what are you going to do? i’ve been watching Blu Ray movies for the past few hours with my PS3. currently, most of my games work. but the one that i want to play does not – Heavy Rain.

this blows chunks but i guess we have to wait it out.

from the looks of things, the bug/issue might be fixed by waiting it out or a firmware.

i support a firmware update because i do not want to have experience this type of issue again!