okay, so this little 8001050F error is getting a lot people pissed. i get that sony is doing whatever they are doing to get this problem fixed. personally, i think sony is pretty good when it comes to making good consoles and offering somewhat of a better customer support than say microsoft.

however, i blame this all on sony. it is their system. i think something like this would have no happened if all the new games being released these days have to go through PSN to earn trophies and get DLCs.

what happened to the good old days where you didn’t need to go online to enjoy a game? where was the time where people didn’t care about trophies and focused more about the game itself and most of all – FUN!?

these days i have heard from gamers that they are playing a game just for the trophies, just so they can have them for smack talk when bragging about how good they are, or whatevers. what a joke. i didn’t know playing a game was now to become some sort of a competition? so what? are we going to see gaming as an olympic sport in the next 100 years or so?

trophies are nice, DLC is even better, but why do we have to get them from PSN? why does all the games absolutely need PSN to function? well, technically, not all the games, but from what i’m seeing these days, probably almost 99% of the new games being released will need to be compatible with PSN.

it’s a joke. trophies should be within the game itself. on the save file. not stored on a network. the network crashes and everyone starts to bitch about it. with PSN acting up and games depending on the PSN, i don’t see this becoming a win-win situation for gamers or for SONY.