so while the PS3’s PSN is down, i figured – why not!  me let give my 2 cents about the newest edition to my PS3 collection – Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain US Cover
Heavy Rain US Cover

honestly, i do not know how to describe this game.  but one of Heavy Rain’s trophies said it best – ‘interactive drama’. 
the more i think about that, the more it makes sense.  it’s like one of those anime dating games.  you talk to people, people respond, and you answer a few questions.  typically, what you chose to respond with is what dictates the next scene.  this is something that Heavy Rain does.  the gameplay is pretty simple.  you walk around and when you see icon that direct you to do a specific motion with the right analog stick, you do it, see the action play out.  usually, this is how you open doors, windows, tvs, etc.  while walking around, you get to hear what the character you are currently playing as is thinking. 

the game is pretty slow-paced in the beginning.  gameplay is the story and story is the gameplay.  so, basically, you have to bare with all the slowness in the beginning.  the story gets better later on. 

i’m not sure if this game is meant for everyone.  i believe casual gamers will be turned off because of the slow beginning.  the game is basically a movie, but you are the characters and you choose what you want to do.  choices in this game determine which ending you are going to get.  so far, there have been reports of over 22 endings.  plus with DLC coming out soon, perhaps even more trophies and endings.

the game itself is not hard.  it’s hardly difficult.  but you can’t compare this game to another because quite frankly, there is no other game like this.  a first of its kind.  the voice acting is pretty good.  this game is all about the presentation.  so you got to have good voice work.  personally, i think they could have done better.  it’s pretty apparent that the actors are not american and there are times where their accents show up and kind of makes the scene a bit weird.  like ‘wow, did he break character’.  the longer you play, the less you feel about the voice acting.  the story itself is pretty damn good.  games these days have a lot of presentations borrowed from movies.  games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 1 and 2, and even Final Fantasy games… well, Heavy Rain, is basically like a movie, but not really a movie because the characters aren’t actors but real life people put in situations like no other.

overall, i think that most PS3 fans will probably get this game.  it’s something that is unique.  no one game console has a game quite like this.  and because of this, i’m sure that a lot of people will like to experience this game and get to experience what it is all about.  i enjoy this game very much.  i think it’s great.  it’s unique and special.  i’m pretty sure the pace of the story/gameplay will turn people off, but for those that want to experience something unique, stay with it, play it through, then give your honest opinions.