Ok. Finally we get to see Eldrick OWNING his mistakes. I know a lot of you out there thought that he was talking like a robot… Okay, when did he ever Not talk like a robot in front of a camera?

And let’s not forget that his message is essentially damage control for Tiger Woods the product. It had BETTER been rehearsed and well written. It is probably one of the most important moments of his life. His empire is at stake and he needs to make things clear.

Although it was not technically a press conference since there were no questions, he did however, own his mistakes. He blamed no one but himself and he did not blame anyone else.

All I can say about this is ‘good’. Now, he needs to answer some questions by a reputable reporter and get this scandal behind him and play some damn golf.

Why does he need to answer questions? Because he dug himself a hole and now it’s the only way to shut people up about it. The man was all about control. But right now, he’s no longer this supreme figure Eldrick is now another athlete that needs to rebuild his image, his empire, his endorsement deals, and, most importantly, trust.

Get it done already Tig.