one of the biggest events for golf, the pga show… to be specific, the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.  yes, it was a week-long event that was both tiring and a pain in the butt.

i’m sure the people who were visiting thought it was great, but for us, the exhibitors, it was a week-long of work.  however, with that said, it was a good experience for me.  with one of the biggest events in golf, and i was able to take part in it?  priceless experience.  made new friends and basically kept a positive attitude throughout the show.  or at least i tried to. 

brought my camera with me but i really didn’t have the time to shoot.  i practically didn’t have enough time to do much of anything but work, eat, shit, and sleep.  i will post the pictures below.  i’ll pick out the good ones…. there aren’t many.  most of the pictures are from our booth – MARUMAN

$100,000 – a lot of money right?  price of a car, down payment for a house, a golf club set…. yeah, that’s right.  you read right…. a GOLF CLUB SET.  Maruman has released a golf set with a price tag of $100,000 USD.  i’ve seen the club first hand and the art work is amazing.  no other golf company has the guts to do what Maruman does.  i would definitely recommend the few people who read this blog of mine to check out their products.  they have one of the best golf equipment for the industry and their quality and craftsmanship is one of the greatest in golf.