so i just got a great deal off ebay for the Kodak Zi8 HD Camcorder. i got it with a winning bid of 172.50 plus free shipping. these camcorders usually retail for 199.99.

i guess i am somewhat impressed and then somewhat not impressed. the video quality is good but i think all the websites that have reviewed this product probably over rated the quality. i mean, it’s a pocket camcorder, how good can the quality be? took some videos in 720p/60-fps and viewing them on my HDTV was, well, that that clear and great. maybe i’m not using the camcorder properly or whatever, but it’s just not what i had expected.

maybe i had some real high hopes for this little gadget, but at the price i got for tit, it was a steal and i’m pretty content with what i got in my hands. i’ve uploaded some videos on outube, they look alright for the quality on youtube.

look for me to upload and update with video blogs. probably not with my whole face, since i’ve gained a few pounds and i look like crap right now. time to starve myself to death.