And so the new year started on a very, very sad note. One of my co-workers passed away. This was not an accident as we later found out that she took her own life.

There was some family problems and it looked apparent that she was getting a divorce after almost 14 years of marriage. It was a tough blow for us at the office and I was pretty much shocked to hear the news.

Apparently, the husband had been in contact with another woman that he met while on a business trip and they have pretty much been talking and it appeared that they were soon going to hook up.

My thing is – what is going on with today’s social and personal lives of people. You hear these things on the news and watch it on TV, but you really don’t expect to know anyone that does this type of things… Right?? Well, I guess not….

Sad to see that a person that do end it all like that.

The funeral is on Friday of this week. And it’s time to pay some respect for her. I’m not sure what to think but it’s been a tough few days for me.

This type of situations kinda open yours eyes and see a totally different picture of the world that you live in. And I guess anything can happen in life.

I’m feel really sorry for her and a bit of hatred for the husband. It was a fucked up thing to do to your life and in the end, someone lost her life. I’m sure there were other reasons for her to do what she did, but maybe her husband’s actions just pushed her enough to actually do it.

Bad way to start the new year.