we had people dying left and right, not just nobodies, but like freakin’ celebrities.

but i think we never saw the Tiger Woods story coming. although, i don’t think i should be labeling it as a story but a ‘scandal’.

i would like to give my take on the whole situation, and i will.

crazy stuff!!!

10+ women, 2+ pornstars, and from waitresses to party girls???!!! that’s quite a number and it’s quite a feat. i mean, we all knew Jordan (Michael) had some, and only 1 that i knew of, came out and told a story about MJ. Kobe Bryant, had a rape case against him dropped and settled i believe out of court, but with Eldrick’s situation, it’s different.

there isn’t just 1 woman, but women, as we would like to believe, but since a few, as in 10 of them have already came out of the public (gold diggers), who knows. but i think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s more than one, and that’s just makes this a whole lot worse than it is.

and Eldrick is in the TOP of his game right now. he is the athlete that will most likely make 1 billion dollars, everyone knows his face and his name and his game speaks for himself.

but DAMN, he was a private person… and i think we all know why that is, now. i’m surprised that no one came and sued him yet. there are reported pictures of him, a sex video (a trend), and a love child. so, i guess not only is he on the top of his golf game, but probably the biggest scandals on 2009, or, probably, and most likely, the biggest in sports history.

now he’s going to leave golf and we all don’t know when he’s coming back. there is a lot of people saying this and that. and the gest of the whole thing is more along the lines of “when is he coming back?” “how will it affect golf, as in sports, and as in a business?”

i think the best way to put it would be, ‘he can take as much time as he needs’. i don’t like what he did. i’m not a big big golf fan, but i am in the industry. and he basically killed a lot of businesses riding on him.

he failed as a person, a man, as a pro golfer, a husband, and to his wife and 2 children.

i don’t think he can solve this in 1 or 2 months, he claims that family is first, well, if he really wants to fix things, it’s going to, really, take more than a year’s time. but i doubt he will take a year off to come back to the sport. i’m sure he wants to be out on the greens and fairways – it’s his only escape now. he was a private person, yes. i honestly never heard of him going to parties and such. but now, if he were to go to a party? too many eyes and too many mouths and ears to follow him around.

i think he threw a lot of his social life away with this incident and mistake.

and will Elin stay with him? i don’t know about you, but if someone you were married with for 5 years and produced 2 children cheated on your with multiple women, i think i would take whatever is mine and leave. that would be the best thing to do, because it would be the right thing to do. but now we have all these stories or whatever about a prenup that was reworked to benefit Elin if she stay with Eldrick for another 2 years and if divorced after 2 years, she lands 60 million dollars. so in pro sport terms, it’s a 2 year 60 million dollar contract.


so was she really in love with him in the first place? i mean, who wouldn’t want to marry tiger? he’s the shit and the dough and makes probably way more money than anyone she knew, why not just walk yourself into his arms?

gold digger? or was it true love?

i really want to say gold digger. i really do, but we would never know. but……. 2 years, 60 mil, yeah, gold digger.

jim rome says it best about this whole situation –

“tiger, either, isn’t as smart as we all thought he was, is very arrogant, or he has some serious issues…. i choose D) All of the Above”

well said rome, well said.

i’m final thoughts?

well, he needs to take a long look at the mirror and admit his problems, get help, and hopefully work things out with his wife. family is important. and time should be spent with them, now, in a time like this. take as much time as you need. i don’t think the sports owes you a thing and you don’t owe the sport, either, so don’t be pressured by people who say you need to get back on the field. what is more important is your family.

i’m out….