so i guess it was bound to happen. but i don’t think anyone thought it would happen this soon and this quick. it’s the holiday season for crying out loud and here we have the world’s number 1 golf, 1 billion dollars in his cash register, 1 hot wife, 2 kids, and… 8 mistresses?

i guess everyone is human, including eldrick ”tiger” woods. i wonder what his father would say if he was still around? cheating, lying, disrespecting your own wife…

when it was just 3 women, we thought, nah… BUT, then, a voicemail that changed it all.

it’s pretty apparent that woods is the new kobe bryant in the early 2000s. however, bryant only got used and the women was a ludicrous. but then, it’s all too weird. but after all of this, there was news about a re-worked prenup contract, one that lets Elin get about 60 million dollars to so-called “stick by her man” for the next 2 years.

seems like a pretty good deal. but if i was Elin, i would probably sign a 5 year 200 million dollar contract to play eldrick’s wife. do you see where i getting at here? i don’t even know if this is even true or not, but if it is? who is worse? cheating on your wife or the one that digs your money, but not only just simply digging on somone that is famous, but the most recognizable athlete on this planet today.

what a world we live in, right?