i’m back from taiwan. spent the last 2 weeks there. it was great, the food, the people, family, and everything else. all was good. taipei has improved dramatically, it is now very clean and no more of that god awful smell of sewer smell. my nephews and neces have grown all grown up since the last time i’ve seen them and they have changed a lot. i’m grateful for the wondering family that i have over there. they were all super nice. they say that i’ve changed a lot. many of them did not recognize me. i guess that was expected. nothing like when i was a kid. and they’ve all said that i gotten fatter and that it was a good thing because i was just skin and bones the last time they saw me. they now see me as a grown up instead of a kid, which is good since i am not no kid no more. i was somewhat ashamed to answer them that i didn’t finish college yet however, they were pretty impressed that i have a full time job and that i was taking care of me.

so what is so great about taiwan? it’s the convenience. everything is a short walk away. i mean, you can literally find anything from food to clothes, medicine, pet supplies, hospitals, malls, i mean; it was really convenient over there. and all you got to do is walk and not drive. which is probably why the people in america are super fat? asians are considered bad drivers in america, but damn, can they drive over in taiwan. it was not all that clean cut and whatnot, but the taxi drivers knew how to drive. it was amazing and scary at the same time because you would think they’d all get in car crashes, but they get the job done. i didn’t spend a lot of time sight seeing, because i felt that that was a waste of time. i wanted to spend time with the family; the sights can wait because i have family members that i have not seen in ages. and that was my primary mission of this trip to taiwan – family. and with family, you get food. they took me everywhere and stuff me with delicious food of all types. i was basically a pig for the entire trip. and i don’t think i was ever hungry. just about everything over in taiwan was good. i never had any complaints over there about the food. and my family relatives were pretty amazed because the last time they saw me, i was pretty skinny and kind of picky about my food.

not this time around. i was basically the one cleaning off the plates of food. and i ate a lot of freaking’ food. after every night, my belly was basically twice its normal size. i was walking around like some dude who was about to give birth or something. so now that i’m back from the trip, i do miss taiwan, but not because of the food, i miss the family relatives. hopefully i get to see them again soon and hopefully they can see me as well. can’t wait for them to visit me in america and i can’t wait to be the one to take them to eat and sight see.