okay, so lots of things to talk about.

1 – i guess everyone has a good friend but that good friend just annoys the shit out of them. i mean, shit, we live in different cities and whatnot. once in a while a phone call is fine. fuckin’ calling my ass every fuckin’ week is a joke. talking about past shit is fine and dandy once in a while, but every fuckin’ week?

and the guy doesn’t get it. he DOESN’T ever and probably won’t get it for the rest of his life.

me, i’m working full time right now, 5 days a week. probably more than 40 hours a week at that as well. and i’m helping out some buddies of mine with their card business almost daily. it’s not like i got all the time for this bro, i’m busy, and he DOESN’T get it.

fucker messages me on facebook to ”give him a call when i got the time”, well i did, he didn’t pick up when i had time, whose fault is that? like a fuckin’ nat at a BBQ for reals. i mean, we’ve known each other for YEARS, but he doesn’t fuckin’ get it.

there is this thang called “e-mail” which i guess he never bothered to used or even ventured into its potential of communication because he could just e-mail me as i have the time to check e-mails often on my cell but not necessary have the time to actually ‘talk’.

but he DOESN’T get it.

fucker bitches about his girl problems, shit like i don’t got problems of my own and i gotta hear that shit from him constantly?

i’d be taking it hard too if i was rejected by some F O B and a real heavy chick. but damn, doesn’t get over them and can’t even imagine the other fishes in the sea. and he didn’t even go out with them!

rant over!

2 –

TAI-FUCKIN’-WAN. in case you missed that, TAIWAN!

okay i’m going back this weekend on Sat. i’m stoked about the trip. get to see the family that is back there and it’ll be good. i fully expect to get fat and round over there in the 2 little weeks that i have over there.

i hope it’s not raining too bad because i’m going to have my canon dslr camera with me and it will be the first time that i travel with it outside the country and i want some good pictures.

so i got some friends over there and i’m pretty sure i’m going to kick it with them. but i think i would like to spend my time wisely with my relatives because i have no idea when i’m going to be back in Taiwan.

i think the trip is going to be brutal because flying is always a fucking hassle and time consuming, tiring, bad sleeps, sore backs, ghetto security because it takes forever. and i have vertigo, which doesn’t help at all.

looking forward to the trip.