i swear, sometimes i wonder who are the people that i’m working with.

so we have this employee who CLAIMS that they can understand Japanese fluently, as in reading, speaking, and writing.  which is a good thing because we need to have someone like this in our golf company for our Japanese products.

only problem?  she uses a program to translate the Japanese…. so if it say to say that she DOESN’T know any Japanese and faking that BS crap on the resume?  also claims to be versed in Photoshop, yet asking me for help when i only know below basic techniques in Photoshop… Hmmm

can’t take down messages correctly.  3 out of the 4 times this employee handed me a phone number to call a customer back, the phone number was incorrect….

the employee wrote down an e-mail address for me to send an invoice to a customer, i couldn’t read the writing so i ask the employee to write it clearly.  i asked her 3 times with a smooth, calm, voice.  this employee hands me back the paper with the same email address and walks off.

so deaf, BSer to the 2nd power.


at least i get to yell at this employee.  which is the only good thing about it.