so in the past couple of months, things have been interesting.  for instance last night at the VMAs.  all i got to say is that Kanye West is out of his freakin’ mind.  he’s a prima donna of the century and he, to put it simply, needs to shut the F UP.  Taylor Swift is a up and coming star and she’s actually very talented.  so screw you kanye.  would your mother be proud of you right now?  i don’t think so.  if i did that, my mama would have bitch slapped me in front of everybody.

been playing a lot of SC and MTG.  star craft and magic the gathering for those of you that don’t know what i’m talking about.  playing these games makes me feel young again.  like way back in junior high.  those were good days.  nowadays i just suck at both games.  lol.

visited vegas to see my aunt and uncle and to watch 2 las vegas shows.  the first one was the super concert by 4 chinese super stars.  i think i would have liked it better if they sang some of their own famous songs instead of their newer songs because no one knew them.  but the presentation was pretty sick.

other than that, it’s work as usual.  nothing special.  but i’m pretty content about where i am right now.  hopefully, things get better.