lately i have been interested into bikes for some odd reason.  maybe because i have nothing better to do.  needed to get my mind off of a certain incident that recently happened in my life…

i looked at the harleys and hondas.  but i really didn’t have a feel for them.  they were, too common.  i wanted something that was different and that no one really has on the road. 

i remembered playing snake eater and metal gear solid 4 and they had a distinctive motorcycle.  it was a brand called the triumph.  googled the bikes and found the home page.  and i believe i feel in love with the design.  i then hit wikipedia and found out that they have a very long history and that this is a British brand motorcycle.  one of the few that survived from the depression. 

i think Triumph is the brand and bike that i will get somewhere down the road.   i think in the long run with a bike, i would save a lot of gas and get a real sense of speed, like the – inyourface type of speed and of course the danger of riding a bike.  i like danger.  i want to experience it and embrace it. 

wow, what a bunch of rubbish.  but Triumph is definitely the brand of bike i need and want in the future.